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“But Wait: Call 818-905-8015 in the next 15 minutes and we’ll DOUBLE your order!”

OK, did you hear the uniquely authoritative voice delivering that line?  He’s one of ours.   In fact, when you call VoiceOver LA, you’ll be connecting to the largest collection of handpicked voice talents in the West!  Not to mention the live professional on the line.  Because this ain’t no automated computer thingie – we’re a full-service voice-over talent agency and post-production studio complex, offering a terrific roster of over 800 local LA voice professionals — 800, no kidding — in every age, ethnicity (and language) your client’s likely to dream up.

And as professional humans, we’ll personally provide professional services from our non-union agency division to full-tilt union castings with talent from literally dozens of other major agencies — resulting in customized auditions that’ll knock your slacks off.

Watch this helpful promo now!

Flash Gordon Image

“Say, Flash — I’ll bet those alien finger people up there on the right are trying to communicate!”

We’ll cast, read, record, package and send a single link that’ll open into a focused list of hand-picked pros you can then effortlessly forward to YOUR client.

Many – but hardly all – of our artists have demos available for instant listening right now on our Talent page. Great place to start. Click on a photo, check out a few categories, or better yet, call us and we’ll point you at some great recommendations to get you started.

And since nearly all of our voice-over actors live right here in LA — a huge advantage when it comes time for final recording – we’re ready to deliver an incredible variety of seasoned pros, live and in-person. So try us on for the best combination of selection, rates and service.

Classy female voice: “That’s 818-905-8015. Supplies are limited – Call now!”
(Yup, she’s with us, too…)