When you call VoiceOver LA,

              you’re connecting with the largest collection

of hand-picked voice talent in the West.



This ain’t no automated computer thingy — we’re a full service voice-over talent agency offering an extensive roster of Los Angeles-based actors, recording at our own post production studios.

Got Copy?

For starters, we’ll cast, read, record and send a single link of hand-picked pros performing your script. From our non-union agency division to citywide union castings, we create custom packages that’ll knock your slacks off.

Many of our artists have demos available for instant listening on our Talent page. Check out a few categories, search by artist name, or call us- we’re here to help!

But that’s not all you get!

Nearly all of our voice-over actors live right here in LA — a huge advantage when it comes time for final recording – so we’re ready to deliver an incredible variety of seasoned pros, live and in-person. Try us on for the best combination of selection, rates and service.