Casting Page Header Charlie Chaplin Wheel Modern Times
Casting Page Header Charlie Chaplin Wheel Modern Times

Keep it simple, keep it local.

Here at VoiceOver LA, our talent base of over a thousand hand-picked professionals is overwhelmingly local, to the tune of about 98%.

So while most of our competitors welcome phone-in talent from around the country, we keep ours to within driving distance.

Because with voice over, you can’t beat the advantage of working face-to-face.

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Casting and Auditions

Once we’ve discussed your project, we’ll brainstorm a list of qualified contenders, oversee the auditions, pour the finals into an elegant link and send it over pronto.

And here’s the key: It’s not just about our actors being professional and hand-picked – they’re nearly all local. Which means they can actually come in and work with you live at our studios, face-to-face, instead of just dealing with that dues-paying voice from an online database.

Calling from another state? We’re there engineering and co-producing while you skype in.

Not quite sure which beguiling voice you oughta pick? We’d be happy to discuss and compare performers with you – on the [gasp] phone…!  Which will help land you with the right talent – and make you a hero with your client.

Short on time? Deadline in say… 20 minutes?
Dude, you are just this side of TOAST……
But wait — we’re here, live and a mere 10 digits away — contact us and we’ll jump in!