Studios and ADR Header Page Vintage Studio Script Reading Recording Men
Studios and ADR Header Page Vintage Studio Script Reading Recording Men

Our spacious facilities feature three custom studios,
built expressly for voice over and ADR recording.

They all include professional engineering services, world-class cappuccino and laid-back comfort.

For out-of-towners, there’s direct skype and phone patch connection as well as low-priced ISDN service.

And with digital delivery, you’ll have your finished recording files moments after they’re mastered.

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Studio A

ADR Studio


This luxurious control room comfortably accommodates ten visitors, all of whom have a direct view of the booth – which can record up to five VO artists at once. Its superior sound quality compares to rooms twice the price.

  • Pro Tools HD
  • ISDN, Skype, Source Connect, or Phone Patch services
  • Spacious 18′ x 22′ Control Room
  • Oversized booth for multi-talent projects and ADR
  • Recording Studio Outfitted for VO, TV and Film Post

Studio B



Same great quality, cozier space. Best for a single VO with a commanding producer’s desk for two.


Studio C



The most intimate of our studios with a custom booth that was built for a more natural and open sound. Accommodates up to three talent, with just enough room for an engineer and producer.




ADR studios

Strict dress code for Industrials — no exceptions!



Perhaps you recognize some of the gentlemen in these old family photos. And if you do, please let us know — Uncle Harold went out for a pack o’ cigs in the Spring of ’38, and that was the last time poor Aunt Tilley ever… but more to the point, those intrepid pioneers were on to something and today we’ve got the three sparkling rooms above.